Laddu Gopal Woolen Ponchu – Size 1 to 7 – Multicolor 70.0085.00

Laddu Gopal Woolen Ponchu – Size 1 to 7 – Multicolor

A “Laddu Gopal Woolen Ponchu” is a traditional Indian clothing accessory specifically designed for deities like Lord Krishna, who is affectionately referred to as “Laddu Gopal.” It’s a small shawl or cloth made from wool or other warm materials, and it is often used to dress and adorn idols or small statues of Lord Krishna during the winter season.

The word “Ponchu” (or “Ponchhu”) refers to a piece of clothing that is draped or wrapped around the deity’s shoulders, much like a shawl or stole. The purpose of the woolen ponchu is to keep the idol of Lord Krishna warm and comfortable during the colder months.

Devotees and followers of Lord Krishna may use the Laddu Gopal Woolen Ponchu to show their love and devotion by dressing the idol beautifully and ensuring that it remains cozy in cooler weather. These woolen ponchus come in various colors and designs, and they are often intricately decorated with embroidery and embellishments to make Lord Krishna’s attire look exquisite.

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